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Déc 20 '11

The girls have decided they want to get good at running.  Logan and I asked them to pick an activity they liked and/or wanted to get better at, because I want them to have good habits for staying active and having only two P.E. classes a week (that usually get rained out) isn’t helping that.  Two of the young capoeira students are very good in track, so my daughters wanted to give it a try.

So I’ve been running a little less lately, because I am gently jogging along with my girls on the track as they try to go longer and faster, but I’ve enjoyed spending the time with them.  Today was supposed to be my speed day, so we alternated sprinting on the straightaways and walking on the curves.  Unlike the first day we tried it, they actually had a had good time—I guess they prefer speed to distance.

I hope they continue to enjoy it.  I often wish that my parents had been more active when I was growing up, because it’s a lot harder to become an adult-onset athlete than to continue active habits from childhood.

  1. fromidably a dit : I’ll bet you can come up with lots of fun running together but at different levels type games with them—like have them sprint in one direction while you run in the other and they rest when you meet or something.
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