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I am vast; I contain multitudes.
Déc 28 '11
"I took the capoeira class for the first time tonight. It was amazing…and so challenging! I joked with the teacher, Marcelo, that I had muay Thai for my upper body, and now capoeira for the lower body. The default stance in-between learning new sequences is a dynamic backwards lunge—one foot back, both knees bent, arm guarding face, then in a low, fluid movement, changing feet and arms, lather, rinse, repeat until you feel like perhaps your legs might fall off. Capoeira is considered a “dance of war”, a mix of dance and martial arts, and so it requires smoothness and control to keep your form. The rhythms of the music and the constant motion made the whole class feel like a sort of moving meditation—at some points I almost felt like I was in a trance, moving by instinct and not instruction…one with the beat of the drums and singing."
MySpace blog entry about my very first class four years ago.  It’s giving me a major case of the giggles, for some reason.
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