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I am vast; I contain multitudes.
mai 30 '11

I am at a point where doctor appointments put me into Xanax mode because they have become increasingly more and more frustrating and/or pointless.  I have an appointment in an hour and a half.  If I tell the endocrinologist how bad my symptoms and life in general have been lately, and he takes 30 seconds to palpate my neck and ups my Armour just 15 mcg ALRIGHT YOU’RE FINE LET’S TRY THIS FOR SIX MORE WEEKS LOL KTHXBAI, I’m probably going to beat him about the head and shoulders with that gross diseased thyroid model he keeps on his desk.

Maybe I’ll tell him that my hiking injury is actually from my rogue thyroid slowly burrowing its way down through my body to my leg and then chewing its way out.  That’ll get his attention, I bet.

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    Haha, this is funny one! I’m so related to it!
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