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mai 31 '11


There was no need to break out the tire iron.  I cannot get him to agree that proactive thyroidectomy would be a good idea, to take me off of this hellacious Hashimoto’s roller-coaster, but he DID change my medication and aggressively raised the dose to the original dose I was given when I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  This is great progress.

Navy doctors have been saying that dose is too high from the first post-diagnosis test, despite the fact that I finally felt good (for once in my life!) at that dose, and slowly lowered it to almost nothing.  No amount of complaints of how shitty my quality of life had gotten would get any response—too bad, so sad, you’re within normal limits.  I think I am just one of those people who function better on the low end of normal.  Personal research has shown that I’m not alone in this, and there are some doctors that are willing to work with these patients to bring them to where they want to be, with no long-term ill effects. 

These doctors are in the minority, though, so many hypothyroid patients (like myself) end up suffering because they are medicated JUST into normal—or worse, far outside of widely accepted normal ranges, but within whatever that particular doctor considers acceptable for treatment—and no further, and their doctors will not budge on the issue, no matter how bad your quality of life has deteriorated.  I’m grateful that mine is willing to work with me and see how I do with a technically “slightly hyperthyroid” state.  Here’s hoping.

(There is still the issue of what to do during flares, which is why I’d still rather go radical and remove my thyroid.  For now, the best I can do is closely monitor my symptoms and stop my medication during those times.)

  1. butterfly-mama a dit : Why would they not remove something that causes you so much problems. Ugh. Also, what would happen if they did remove it in terms of body chemistry and medication load…?
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