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I am vast; I contain multitudes.
Aoû 15 '11

1.  First thing I find is a shitload of Mardi Gras beads.  

2.  Then a gorgeous metal lunchbox with a print from the Beatles Anthology albums.

3.  Auryn and Mr. Auryn obviously know me too well.

4.  And then I was pwnd by The Game, long-distance.  YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO SEND THAT TO DAN!  D:

5.  I see someone’s been spying on my Amazon wishlist!

6.  It’s okay to be jealous that my BFF sends me a box full of awesome random jewelry, a keychain, candy, a Super Mario wallet (!!!), a mushy card, and also a few things I left at her house a couple years ago.  

P.S.  If you squint, you can see ladybug stamps on the corners of the envelope.  That stamp inspired our matching ladybug tattoos.  

  1. aurynsworld a dit : I love you too!! Some of the beads came from Dad, he sent me a shiteload of them last year :)
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    Anal bleaching kit… that’s all I saw…
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